Small Pies filled with Creamy Cheese and Sour Cherries

  • 60 min
    Preparation time

Frenchwomen have a slim figure and they enjoy sweets, cheese and wine. Or so they describe them in books… Rumor has it that there is no hidden secret, that it is just that they eat a little bit of everything. After lunch which is not too big- comes just one slice of dessert made from high-quality ingredients and just one glass of good wine.
It is all prepared with less sugar and dough than it is typical for us. And of course, with butter- because the dessert recipes, which you will find in the best French cookbooks, are written with just one rule for the perfect taste- add butter. If not in the crust then in the filling. It is important that it is!
This desert has followed all the rules: not a big quantity is made, it is not complicated, it contains butter, but there isn’t too much sugar and dough.
Now you can enjoy the intertwining of the crunchy and creamy structures- and combine the taste of chocolate, rum, vanilla, and sour cherries. Just as if you are in Paris


  • 125 g of Moja Kravica butter

  • 125 g of flour

  • 60 ml of water

  • 160 g of frozen cherries

  • 1 teaspoon of cornstarch

  • 1 rounded spoon of powdered sugar

  • 160 g of Moja Kravica Kuhinjica cream cheese

  • rum or rum aroma

  • vanilla – seeds or aroma

  • 2 rounded spoons of powdered sugar

  • 2 bars of dairy chocolate or 4 teaspoons of “eurokrem” (optional)

  • 1 yolk for coating the small pies

  • A little more powdered sugar for sprinkling


  1. Crust: all the ingredients should be properly cooled. Add the butter cut into small pieces into a blender and add the flour and chop it. Then put the mass on a baking surface and add the water and make the dough. Leave it in the fridge rolled in a transparent foil while you are preparing the filling.

  2. Sour cherry filling: boil the sour cherries and sugar over medium temperature and when they release their juice, pour the juice in a glass and add the cornstarch. Mix it so it doesn’t have lumps and return it in the small pan with the sour cherries. Cook it for a little longer while stirring until the fruit filling stiffens.

  3. Cream cheese filling: put it all in one small bowl and simply- mix.

  4. Turn the oven so it reaches 180-200 degrees. Spread the cooled dough to make a 30×30 cm square, then split it into 4 equal parts. In the middle of each piece first put the cheese filling. On top of it (if you want) put a little bit of melted chocolate or “eurokrem”. Finally, put the sour cherries. While putting the filling, leave the edges free depending on the way you want to fold the dough.

  5. ADVICE: to fold the dough, you can choose whichever method suits you. You can, as in our photos, make “braids” by cutting the left and right third into strips than intertwine. Or you can just gently close the two opposite ends, which looks like a half-opened letter. As the folding method wont will not affect the taste, you can do the simplest version where you take the square dough and fold it in half across the diagonal and you get a triangle. In either case, previously dampen the edges of the dough so it sticks. You can, but do not have to, make a little cut on the top of the triangle so the sour cherries can be visible. No worries, the filling will not run during baking, so you can’t go wrong! Fold the dough and arrange them on a cooking tray previously lined with baking paper. Whisk the yolk with a teaspoon of water, then using a brush, coat each little pie with it. Bake it until it gets a golden color. Leave the baked little pies to cool, then sprinkle some with some powdered sugar before serving.

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