IMLEK products

Imlek dairy products are synonymous with decades of quality and diverse offer. Our range consists of more than 200 dairy products – from butter, yogurt, to dairy drinks with coffee. Find out why Imlek products are the staples in every refrigerator and get acquainted with our range.

Featured IMLEK products you love

Imlek products will delight all your household members and enrich the table with the highest quality groceries. See which milk products are available in our offer.

Moja kravica products

Moja Kravica products are part of every meal and every family table! From yogurt to start the day, to chocolate milk for the youngest and the older ones treat themselves. Check out the wide range of Moja kravica products and get to know the irresistibly delicious taste!

Balans+ products

Balans+ portfolio includes products with functional benefits that, due to their specific composition, have a positive impact on achieving balance within the body. Digestive balance is exceptionally important and a prerequisite for the overall well-being of our organism. Familiarize yourself with the nutritional values and benefits of products from the Balans+ range.

Mlekara Subotica products

Some of our most popular products come from Mlekara Subotica, such as Ella cheese, irresistible Baker’s yogurt, and delicious Kremsi. Of course, there is also the Healthy! line of dairy products for every day. Take a detailed look at the assortment!

Grekos yogurt and cheeses

Start the day with full-flavored fruit yogurts, make tzatziki with our Grekos Greek yogurt, or the most delicious Greek salad with Grekos cheese. Enjoy the tastes of the Mediterranean with the Grekos selection of products.

Protein products

Our protein range is designed for those seeking tasty and nutritious options while caring about their health and physical fitness. Check out the selection of Protein products and choose the perfect meal before and after training.

Flert products

Every flirt and love story begins with a good coffee. Check out the selection from the Flirt assortment and let our flavors seduce you!

Jogood products

Jogood has become synonymous with fruit yogurts that start the day, go through school breaks, and end workouts! Check out the current selection of irresistible fruit flavors!

Bello products

When we say “organic“, we think of Bello! Elegant packaging and premium quality are the basic features of this brand. Check out the product selection!

Other products

We are constantly expanding and enriching our range with new flavors. Discover other products from the Imlek portfolio!

What makes Imlek products stand out?

The highest quality standards

Our products contain the highest quality milk, which we buy from thousands of subcontracting farmers throughout the region. We offer dairy products that meet European standards and quality criteria.

A long tradition

Imlek boasts a tradition of more than six decades. We owe a wide range of the highest quality dairy products to professional staff, modern technology, and constant improvement of production.

Numerous awards

Numerous investments and expertise of our employees have led to the highest level of product quality. Imlek products have won many awards and recognitions for quality within various events and independent product analyzes on the market.

Dairy products for everyone's taste

Imlek products are an integral part of the everyday life of people of different generations, occupations, and eating habits.

The youngest ones are looking forward to the morning and breakfast, which includes our chocolate milk and a cow that smiles from the package. The morning will start nicely for adults rushing to work, with practically packaged and delicious espresso, macchiato, or cappuccino we offer.

The recipes of the most experienced housewives must contain Imlek sour cream for cooking and sweet-sour cream, and the ingredients of the most delicious sandwiches are our cream cheese, cheese, and butter. Of course, we will not forget the sour cream and sour milk, which go well with cooked dishes and traditional specialties, and for gourmets, there are also our fruit yogurts.

We always put health first, so there is our Balance + line for everyone who wants to provide a balanced meal with yogurt that contributes to better digestion, or yogurt that has a beneficial effect on stronger immunity.

For those with lactose intolerance, there are also our lactose-free dairy products, as well as an assortment of organic milk products.

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