About us

IMLEK is a regional company that conducts its business on the territories of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Imlek buys milk from several thousand farmers-cooperators in Serbia, jointly meeting European standards and criteria when it comes to quality.
A tradition lasting more than half a century, expert staff, modern technology and continuous improvement of the production process have led to Imlek putting on the market every day more than 80 different dairy products.Numerous investments have led to the highest level of product quality as well as to many awards and recognitions for quality- from different fair events and independent analyses of products that are on the market.Imlek continuously works on improving its system for quality management, food safety and environmental protection, as well as the systems for managing health protection and work safety which is confirmed by the certificate it holds and maintains.Besides the clearly recognizable brands such as the Moja kravica roze jogurt and the different types of milk, it especially invests in its functional products segment, meaning that besides providing the consumers with high quality raw materials and products and modern and practical packaging, they are also provided with dairy products that contain additional ingredients that are beneficial for different aspects of the human organism and health.Besides being market oriented, the company also works on social issues. Imlek has decided a long-time ago to give its biggest support to children and socially challenged structures. That is why it cultivates its partnership with UNICEF, that way supporting the prevention of violence in schools and the education of parents. Imlek also donates to the Centre for Youth Integration, known as “Svratiste”, it supports and organizes sports manifestations for children, it provides educational entertainment programs for kindergartens, healthy dairy snacks in primary schools across the country to support the healthy development of children and the whole nation.
AD Imlek has an integrated management system in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2004. and OHSAS 18001:2007.
Providing the consumers with healthy, tasty and nutritious products with the goal of raising awareness about the crucial importance of a healthy and balanced diet
Besides its numerous innovations and investments in the fields of research, production and technology, Imlek also cares about Serbia’s citizens leading an improved and high quality modern life and wants to contribute in that process.

Our history


At the farmstead “Lepusnica” in Glogonjski Rit, the first manual dairy farm was established, practically forming the dairy industry Imlek. About 800 cows provided between three and five thousand liters of milk, which in metal cans, on horse drawn carriages and tractors, were sent to the Belgrade market.


UNICEF grants a pasteurization and bottling line for 30 000 liters of milk a day.


Production surpasses 21 million liters a year.


An integration of the Gradskog Mlekarstva Beograd to Imlek is carried out. The Imlek system is joined by dairy farms from Kraljevo, Pozarevac, Gornji Milanovac, Velika Plana, Sid and Belgrade.


In Imlek’s facilities, 140-160 million liters of milk are processed.


AD Imlek passes to be under the ownership of the Salford investment fund. Investments in the production equipment further increase the quality of milk and the production capacities.


AD Imlek buys Bimilk in Bitola, the biggest dairy farm in Macedonia. After acquiring it, it invests 38 million euros in it.


Mlijekoprodukt from Kozarska Dubica becomes part of the Imlek group. After its integration with Imlek, the company starts to rapidly develop and fortify its status as the biggest milk processor and one of the leaders on the milk and dairy products market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


An agreement is signed in which Mid Europa Partners, the biggest investment fund in Central and East Europe, acquires Imlek. The Fund also buys all the dairy farms which, as part of Imlek, conduct their business in Macedonia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro. With capital investments, the market position and the leading brands are additionally strengthened.


Imlek signs a contract buying the Niska dairy, one of the largest ones in Southern Serbia, with the aim of expanding production and improving its most famous brand- Vedro.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Consumers recognize Imlek’s brands as high-quality, healthy, and delicious, which is why the company, through socially responsible projects, also expresses a part of its gratitude for the trust it has been given for years.
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