Environmental Protection

AD Imlek has an integrated management system in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2004. and OHSAS 18001:2007. While conducting business, it dedicates a lot of its attention to the protection of the environment and complying with all the relevant legislation and has an established environmental management system since 2012, which is confirmed by the environmental management certificate ISO 14001:2004.

Responsible behavior towards the environment is one of the elements of the AD Imlek’s Policy and is implemented by applying the principle of sustainable development and cleaner production.

Water consumption (L/L processing)

Year200720162016 vs 2007
Water consumption4.1773.87-7.35

Gas consumption (m3/L of processing)

Year201120162016 vs 2011
Water consumption0.0190.017-10.53

Electricity consumption (kWh/L processing)

Year201120162016 vs 2011
Electricity consumption0.090.12033.3

Electricity consumption (kWh/L processing)

Year2007201220162016 vs 2012
Amount of waste0.0040.0080.005- 37.5
% recycled39.1460.6073.4821.25

Imlek continuously works on the technical and technological improvement of its processes and in that process, applies the best available technique (BAT). Every year a plan is developed to foresee savings, wherever it is possible, regarding energy efficiency. In that way we save and contribute to the reduction of the negative impact on the environment.

In 2009, Imlek participated in the project “Čistija prozivodnja“ (Cleaner production), supported by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) which consists of having a production process which includes the maximum rationalization of the use of raw materials and of all the used energy sources.

With the goal of improving the results of our environmental protection processes, as well as complying with the relevant legislation, we constantly plan new projects, measures and activities and work on their implementation. Team work, participation, the feeling of ownership over the processes and the support from all the employees ensure the fulfilment of the goals and policies of AD Imlek. We measure and question the fulfilment of the established goals and we set new ones, so we have continuous improvement.

AD Imlek is dedicated to the protection of the environment and works on the reduction of the carbon footprint, which is the measurement of our impact on the environment and climate change, and is expressed in the equivalent of tons (or kilograms) of carbon-dioxide. All emission levels are monitored, and work is done on their real reduction.

The packaging has an important role in maintaining the top quality and safety of our products. Considering the amount of packaging we use, that aspect of our business has a significant impact on the environment, so we are working on the reduction of the impact that the package leaves in every phase of its life cycle> production, recycling and disposal. Our end goal is, together with generating less waste, is to complete the recycling circle.

Records are kept on the type of waste that is being generated on our production locations as well as on the packaging waste that is created after the consumption of our products. All the waste is handed over to the authorized operators for waste management.

AD Imlek works on the continuous improvement of the environment by defining goals and projects but also organizing trainings for its employees with the aim of constantly raising their level of awareness when it comes to this topic.

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