Social Responsibility

IMLEK as a socially responsible company

Besides its numerous innovations and investments in the fields of research, production and technology, Imlek also cares about Serbia’s citizens leading an improved and high quality modern life and wants to contribute in that process. Apart from being market orientated, it also places significant focus on societal issues, improving collective awareness and investing in socially beneficial actions, mostly choosing activities which will ensure that the youngest ones have a safe environment and a healthier upbringing.

By building those playgrounds, Imlek has sought to provide the youngest citizens with the best environment for playing. The Moja Kravica playgrounds are equipped to respond to the different needs of the little ones of all ages, enabling them to spend unforgettable moments of their childhood there. The Imlek Company will continue this big socially responsible action by building numerous children’s’ playgrounds in other towns in Serbia during the year 2018.

In accordance with the values it upholds, Imlek traditionally marks the 1st of June, the International Milk Day. That day was celebrated in 2016 as part of Moja Kravica caravan under the name of “Put mleka” with various educational activities and milk and dairy donations to a big number of towns across the country. The manifestation was enjoyed the most by the youngest ones, for whom a special installation of a farm was made, with educational and fun programs and games like milking cows, memory games, hay labyrinths, cardboard cutouts for photo taking. The goal was for children to get acquainted with the life on a farm and the process of obtaining milk. In that way, the children could learn how Moja Kravica travels from the farm to their homes.

The Imlek Company has also been collaborating with UNICEF, the international humanitarian organization, since 1957, with numerous successfully completed projects and socially responsible actions such as “Škola bez nasilja” (The school without violence), handbooks for parenting such as “Pametne knjige za mame i tate” (Smart books for mothers and fathers) and many others.

In 2017, for the International Milk Day, Imlek delighted the youngest ones from institutions for sick children and children without parental guidance by giving them milk gift packages, in towns across Serbia, including Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac, Vranje and others.

Another holiday which is important for the family and family values is Mothers’ Day, which the Imlek Company marked in 2016 on the Cvetni trg, in Belgrade. During this manifestation, in numerous workshops, the kids prepared unique gifts for their mothers, as a way to show their love and gratitude for everything they gave them.
With the wish to remind parents and children of family values and the importance of moments spent in the family circle, Imlek organized, what can be now considered a traditional manifestation, “Moja Kravica Dan porodice” which brings together a big number of children and parents. Enjoying the diverse and creative program, the visitors of that manifestation each year confirm that time spent within the family circle is the most important, as well as that the family represents the community in which we build our personality and learn about real values.

Consistent in its tradition to initiate and help various humanitarian activities which will ensure a healthier and better growing up experience for children, Imlek regularly makes donations to various centers and institutions for sick children and children without parental guidance, like the Centre for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Zvecanska, The Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica and numerous other institutions of that type.

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