Seductive Desert from Chestnuts and Dark chocolate

  • 60 min
    Preparation time

Who says that chestnuts are reserved only for autumn and winter? Especially today, when we can find frozen chestnut puree everywhere. Chestnut can be a much bigger gastronomic experience from just roasted bites taken out of the fire- and served in a prettier way than in a rolled newspaper. We would say that it can actually be the key ingredient of a very provocative dessert, because provocative is all that has depth and contains a surprise. That goes for people and for food!
When the crunchiness of the biscuit is combined with the softness of the creamy mouse and is penetrated with the mysterious taste of dark chocolate, caramel, rum, and vanilla you will know that you have chosen the right treat for romantic moments. Your desire for the perfect desert has been fulfilled, and now is the time for the next one…



  • 120 of ground biscuit

  • 60g of melted butter

  • A little bit of vanilla, if desired

  • MUS:

  • 160 g of chocolate (dark – or one half of dark chocolate and the other of baking chocolate)

  • 100 ml of whipping cream Moja Kravica (50 + 50 ml)

  • 6 yolks

  • 60 g of sugar

  • 200-250 g of defrosted ready-made chestnut puree (sweetened)

  • A little bit of rum or rum aroma


  1. Heat the chocolate and 50 ml of whipping cream in a microwave oven. Stir to get a smooth cream and leave it to cool for a bit. While it’s cooling, beat the yolks and sugar well with an electric mixer till the sugar melts. Cook over steam or over a mild temperature until the yolks are heated. Then add the remaining whipping cream. With continuous stirring, wait for the yolks and whipping cream to turn into a cream. This happens quickly, so be careful not to overcook them.

  2. Remove them from the stove and stir in the melted chocolate. Add the defrosted chestnut puree and rum (or rum aroma). Then spread out the cream over the crust and leave in the fridge until the chocolate and cream become really firm.

  3. Chocolate glaze: 80 g of dark chocolate 30 ml of whipping cream Moja Kravica 30-40 g ready-made caramel topping (or the same amount of chocolate) OPTIONAL: more whipping cream prepared for decorating

  4. Melt the chocolate and cream in a microwave oven. Add the caramel (or more rum if you like). When it cools – pour over the cooled cream. Decorate as you wish with whisked cream, golden powder, chopped walnuts or hazelnuts… …

  5. ATTENTION: For this amount of ingredients, use a round mold the size of 16 cm (you have to line it with baking sheets, so it can be taken out easier) – or make 4 glasses of the dessert. For serving, we used a metal ring 8 m in diameter, which is a third option.

  6. ADVICE: You could play with the taste of the desert. Exclude the caramel from the topping and the rum from the cream and enrich the dessert with sour cherry jelly which will give it freshness and a touch of mystery! About 4 full spoons of frozen sour cherries should be blended. Heat them and then add a little water and half a small bag of gelatin, and bring together to boil. When the mass cools, pour it over the biscuit layer. It has to cool and become firm completely before you continue with the recipe (pour the chestnut cream on top).

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