Fragrant Champignon and Porcini Mushroom Pottage

  • 60 min
    Preparation time

Why are porcini mushrooms so fascinating? Their fragrant and flavor are certainly at the top of the list of reasons. As soon as you put them in any ordinary dish it transforms into a gastronomic spectacle! Whether it is a soup, pottage, risotto, lasagna, or pasta – it doesn’t matter. You can hardly make a mistake with them. For us, of course, the most fascinating fact about these mushrooms is that their earthy-nutty taste goes incredibly well with our creamy dairy products.
The Moja Kravica Kuhinjica cooking cream and these mushrooms, which are one of the favorite types for the chefs worldwide, are definitely best friends.
You can also prepare this pottage only with champignons or with a mixture of champignons and oyster mushrooms. However, when you add porcini mushrooms, this dish goes from excellent, to a dish to remember….


  • Full spoon of the Moja Kravica butter

  • Middle sized onion

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • 1 middle sized potato

  • 200 g of fresh champignons

  • 1 stock cube

  • 500 ml of water

  • Handful of dried porcini mushrooms

  • 150 ml of the Moja Kravica Kuhinjica cooking cream

  • Salt, pepper


  1. Put butter in a small pot and start warming it up, while chopping up onion. It doesn’t have to be chopped in tiny pieces, because you will anyhow put everything in a blender later. When onion softens, add champignons, sliced in bigger pieces, and cook them for a while.

  2. Then add stock cube, water, dried porcini mushrooms, potato chopped up in tiny cubes – cook for about 15 minutes. Check if potato is soft, if it is, you can consider it cooked.

  3. Put the mixture in a blender and blend everything well (you can also use a hand-held blender). Put the blend then back to the pot and on the stove. Add salt, pepper to taste and the Moja Kravica cooking cream. When it boils, remove from the stove and dish is ready to serve.

  4. ADVICE: Pottage is usually served with toast or croutons, but we opted for crunchy whole wheat bread sticks. Pottage and bread sticks fit in well with Moja Kravica sour cream, which we placed in a separate bowl.

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