Celery Salad

  • 30 min
    Preparation time

The Waldorf salad is one of the most famous salads in the world. It was invented at the end of the 19th century in New York, bringing a scent of Fifth Avenue from that period, therefore it has always remained desired and irresistible. Our salad is only slightly different from the Waldorf salad: it is not served on the lettuce pillow and the dressing is not made from mayonnaise and mustard.

Our salad is more of a refreshing spring salad, enriched with an intriguing cognac flavor. And it has more proteins because of the cheese, which makes it a perfect light dinner. An evening after a meal like this, should be concluded with a glass of cognac, preferably on a terrace or a balcony, accompanied by your favorite relaxing music. In this way, no matter the day of the week, you will feel like it is weekend.


  • 2 bigger celery roots (you can also use green parts if you wish)

  • 500 g of the Moja Kravica Kuhinjica cottage cheese

  • 1 Moja kravica sour cream

  • Little bit of cognac

  • 1 bigger sour apple

  • Lemon juice of 1 lemon

  • 50 g of chopped walnuts


  1. Wash the celery, peel it and chop it into tiny pieces (or coarsely grate), sprinkle with lemon juice and cognac. Add chopped sour apple and sour cream. Gently mix the salad and serve it in champagne glasses or in ice cream bowls.

  2. Now decorate everything with the Moja Kravica Kuhinjica cottage cheese and sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Spread the Moja Kravica butter on integral toast bread and serve it all together.

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