Traditional Imlek award for the best farmers went to the best ones


Vrdnik, April 2nd, 2019. – The Imlek company marked the day of record-setting farmers this year too. It was the traditional award-winning ceremony that Imlek company organizes every year to honor its top suppliers of raw milk. As a sign of gratitude, our company made special awards and recognitions for the best suppliers in the whole country.
Many farmers came to enjoy their evening with us, and hear a few words from our company representatives.

Imlek general manager Bojan Radun congratulated farmers on remarkable contributions in the last year, even though it was a very tough year for Imlek. “Despite the fire in the product unite of our company in Padinska Skela, we decided to not send back a single liter of raw milk that we buy from our suppliers. By doing so we ensured that our farmers will have steady and secure buying of milk and we helped their farms survive even though that decision meant that we bought much more milk then we were unable to process in Serbia. For us, our farmers are the most valuable business partners and that’s why we try to help them progress by different loans, donations of farming machines, education, and in many other ways. We are glad that they recognized and appreciated our decision and that they joined us here today in this great number. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.” Radun said.

Absolute record, as in previous years too, in milk production in the family company category holds Tot Katalin from Utrin. His farm produced and supplied 2,12 million liters of raw milk. Last year record in the commercial company category PKB corporation from Padinska Skela, keep its champion title in 2018. Too with 24,52 millions of liters of milk. We also gave special awards to friends of the company and organic milk producers.


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