Imlek’s donation to the Shelter for Children in Belgrade


Belgrade, October 8, 2020 – With the support of the City of Belgrade and the Secretariat for Social Protection, the Imlek company donated dairy products and equipment for pandemic prevention to the Shelter for Children in Belgrade on the occasion of Children's Health Week.

Having in mind the still current COVID pandemic, Imlek decided to treat the protégés of the Shelter for Children in Belgrade.  The Imlek company donated them packages "Moja kravica" Chocolate Milk and "Moja kravica" Milk, as well as to provide them with disinfectants, non-contact thermometers, and "Moja kravica" protective masks. Imlek's strategic commitment is a socially responsible business, which is reflected in continuous donations like these, which have been a company tradition for many years, and the focus is on various activities aimed at providing the youngest with a better and healthier upbringing.

"Thanks to the Imlek Company for the donation. With this humane gesture, they treated our users on the occasion of Children's Week and once again confirmed their place among socially responsible companies that do not forget and do not neglect those who need help the most. The City of Belgrade pursues a responsible social policy, so we try to treat all users of rights and social protection services in some way every day, and this is one of them. On this occasion, I would like to invite other socially responsible companies to show humanity in action and the following example of the Imlek Company, and with their donations, they use the improvement of the quality of life of socially endangered residents", said Natasa Stanisavljevic.

"We are very pleased that we had the opportunity, in cooperation with the Secretariat for Social Protection of the City of Belgrade, to realize this donation and make the little ones happy on the occasion of Children's Week." This year is in many ways more challenging compared to all previous ones, so we wanted to provide our youngest with the necessary equipment for pandemic prevention, as well as their favorite Moja Kravica dairy products. This donation is just another in a series of many that we have realized so far and that we have planned for the next period", said Marija Malović, regional manager of communications and corporate affairs of the Imlek company.

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