Imlek’s donation to orphanages


Belgrade, August 26, 2020 – Due to the still current coronavirus pandemic, the company Imlek, with the support of the City of Belgrade and the Secretary for Social Protection, decided this year to make schoolchildren, in a slightly different way, in line with the current situation. In addition to Moja Kravica gift packages, kids received TV sets from Imlek, thanks to which it will be easier for them to watch online classes during the school year.


In accordance with its socially responsible role and tradition to initiate and help various activities that will provide the youngest with a better and healthier growing up, Imlek decided to beautify and equip the Shelter for Children in Belgrade, as well as the Children's Village in Sremska Kamenica.


"The traditional action on the occasion of the beginning of the school year, this year was realized in a slightly different form, because we are aware that due to the situation with the coronavirus, schoolchildren now need to follow online classes. Following that, in addition to Moja Kravica gifts, we also donated televisions to homes for orphans throughout Serbia. It is already well known that we pay special attention to socially responsible activities, which are primarily reflected in supporting the youngest, their proper development and happy growing up, and this action is just another in a series of many that we have realized so far and that we have planned for the next period ", said Marija Malović, regional manager of communications and corporate affairs of the company Imlek.


"On behalf of the City of Belgrade, which is the founder of this social protection institution, the Secretariat for Social Protection and on my behalf, I thank the company Imlek for the donation and I want to emphasize that this action is of great importance for all of us. In case of emergency, we provide additional support to children from the most vulnerable categories. In this way, we show what the cooperation between the City of Belgrade and socially responsible companies can look like. Caring for children, their rights, and needs is one of the priorities of the City of Belgrade. We will try to continue to provide assistance and financial support to our institutions to provide the best possible conditions for living and working with children. The City will try to respond in the most adequate way to the needs of children and youth from these vulnerable categories because the success and development of a society are reflected in its relationship with the youngest and oldest population. On this occasion, I would like to invite other socially responsible companies to follow this example and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of socially endangered citizens of Belgrade with their donations" said Natasa Stanisavljevic, the city secretary for social protection.

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