The traditional Imlek record-breaking farming festivities held


Novi Sad, April 16th, 2018. – The Imlek company held the traditional record-breaking farmer’s day this year to celebrate one more year of successful business with its suppliers – producers of raw milk. Awards were being given for record-breaking liters of raw milk delivered last year. A big number of farmers from Serbia attended the traditional Imlek celebration, where the representatives with the head of the general director, Boran Radun, paid them a special thanks for years of successful collaboration and top product quality.


The awards were given to the representatives of commercial and family farms, and plaquettes were given to farmers who gave special contributions in several categories. The title of the absolute champion was again given to the PKB corporation from Padinska skela thanks to 21,83 million liters of delivered milk, while Tot Katalin from Ultrin received the prize for the family farm, which produced a record 1,98 million liters of raw milk.


Bojan Radun, the head of Imlek spoke about the importance of maintaining quality relationships with milk products with whose help the company is building a reputation of a regional leader in the dairy business.”Imlek is recognized for its quality products by consumers, and we owe that to our collaborators who deliver products of the highest quality. The milk is being delivered daily, the people are committed to what they do, and that is why the least we can do is to thank them for their efforts. Besides that, we give support by donating farming machines, loans, and many benefits so they can maintain the current milk quality. Our goal is to keep our leading position in the market but to also give support to our suppliers”, said Radun.

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