The New Year’s Moja Kravica Presents for the Youngest


The children from the children’s shelter have been pleasantly surprised this year by milky gifts brought by Santa during the night. The company Imlek played the role of the favourite New Year's hero to make the youngest ones happy during the festive season.

Social responsibility of the company has been recognised for many years as a significant part of the identity of Imlek, and particular emphasis has been placed on socially responsible activities that are reflected in the help for the youngest, their proper development and their happy childhood. That was the reason why Imlek decided to bring joy to those who need such support most on the occasion of one of the merriest holidays – New Year. The children from children's shelter enjoyed Moja Kravica Junior Milk and Moja Kravica Chocolate Milk, the favourite products of younger generations. 

"The New Year is a holiday that brings us all closer to each other and reminds us how important it is to show emotions to our closest ones and share the joy with them. This is the time when we support one another in making right decisions, a period of joy and pleasant surprises. The children's shelter is the only place in Belgrade where children living on the street can come, have lunch and spend the night, but also spend their holidays. With the New Year’s Eve approaching, that is why Imlek decided that Moja Kravica should bring joy to the youngest with milky gifts and make their holidays more beautiful", said Marija Malović, the Regional Manager for Public Relations of Imlek.

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