The Imlek Company has invested about 700 000 euros in the procurement of new tanks for the transport


The Imlek Company continues with its investments in the renewal and modernization of the vehicles intended for the collection and transportation of raw milk and with that goal in mind, has invested around 700 000 euros. This valuable acquisition included the purchase of the most modern four Volvo FM 62R truck autotank as well as three trailers from the highly positioned polish producer, Romex. The advanced characteristics and reliable safety systems of its new vehicles will enable the efficient collection and safe transport of raw milk from which Imlek’s top-quality products are made.

Apart from all the vehicles meeting strict hygiene standards, they are equipped with the most modern computer systems for collecting and measuring, as well as a laboratory that does sampling of each individual supplier’s milk. With the aim of improving the control over the whole transport process as much as possible, one of the acquired vehicles possesses a GPRS system of direct data transfer for every individual supplier which enables the monitoring of the work and performance in real time. Thanks to the successful cooperation with the Volvo company, regular and additional maintenance is provided which guarantees a high reliability of the purchased vehicles.

The Imlek Company, as a regional leader in the dairy industry, is unique because of its cold chain which is completely closed, from the place of raw milk collection to the reception ramp, which eliminates any chance of contamination. In accordance with that, over 3 million euros have been recently set aside for multiple investment activities which significantly improve the acquisition process. By procuring vehicles that are in conformance with the Euro 6 standard, a minimal emission of carbon dioxide is ensured which once again confirms the company’s orientation towards preserving the environment.

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