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Belgrade, June 21, 2018 – This summer, students staying in the Student City will have the opportunity to take a break from studying on the restored benches in the park that surrounds the institution. Imlek turned their yard into a place for "flirting" stating that studying for the exams is easier to bear if they have the support of Flert coffee, a refreshing drink made from premium milk and real coffee.

Only one bottle of Flert coffee contains the necessary dose of energy and refreshment for preparing hard exams and fulfilling student obligations. A strong dose of caffeine will wake up even the sleepiest students, and the colorful benches in the Student City will provide them with an ideal place to relax.

"On the occasion of the launch of the new Flert Strong coffee, we decided to make the students staying in the Student City in New Belgrade happy this summer. By restoring the benches, we wanted to create a more pleasant ambiance and a kind of oasis of peace for students, bearing in mind that the exam deadline is underway and that they, now more than ever, need a place where they can take a break and clear their minds. Flert coffee is ideal refreshment for all those who live on the move, while the milk and real coffee give additional energy to the body and improve concentration", said Marija Malović, regional public relations manager of Imlek.

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