The biggest celebration honoring farmers held – Imlek’s Record-Breaker’s Day


Farmers from all over Serbia were rewarded at Imlek’s traditional celebration – Farmers Record-Breakers’ Day.

Representatives of the most important commercial companies attended the celebration as well as the families that have been raising livestock and successfully cooperating with Imlek for generations. Apart from the awards, all farmers were presented with acknowledgments and commendations for their contribution in maintain Imlek as a dairy industry leader in the country and region.

In the commercial company’s category, the awardees for delivering the record quantities of the top-quality milk were: PKB corporation A.D. for delivering 20.40 million liters of milk, Almex company from Pančevo for delivering 13.42 million liters of milk and PIK Bečej for delivering 11.14 million liters of milk. In the family farms category, the acknowledgements were given to Vojčena Kornel for delivering 1.62 million liters of milk, Balaša Mikloš for delivering of 1.46 million liters and Katalin Tot for delivering 1.21 million liters of milk. At this year’s ceremony a special award was given to the biggest organic family farm in the region, Global Seed farm form Čurug.

General Manager at Imlek, Ilija Šetka, expressed his appreciation to the farmers for the successful cooperation and emphasized that it has been his great honor to head the company which is a dairy industry leader in the country and region.

“The past year was extremely hard for the dairy industry, due to European market turbulences in the first place, milk surplus, and the consequential drop in milk prices. Imlek has protected its most important partners – the farmers, by purchasing the surplus, paying more for raw milk than others in the region and by investing in equipment and efficiency enhancement. The Serbian Government has also helped significantly by establishing a levy to protect this very important industry.”, said Šetka.

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