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The previous business year at the Imlek Company, leader in the dairy industry on the domestic and regional market, has been marked by exceptional investments in improving business which led to an increased market share in all the countries in the region. Imlek in the last year invested over 30 million euros in different projects, which set off the growth of the whole dairy industry. The mentioned investments refer primarily to the improvement of production processes, buying machinery for farmers and the development of new products. A big segment of investments which were directed to production innovation, contributed to consumers getting some new dairy products with flavors and quality that keep in step with Europe and the world. Moja Kravica Gusti yogurt and Balans+ Protein products, Grekos grčki tip yogurt, Moja Kravica sour cream with flavors and many others, deserve a special mention.

 At the press conference, there was review of Imlek’s business history, and the General Manager of the company, Ilija Setka, and the Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Branislav Nedimovic, spoke to the reporters, highlighting the significant role that Imlek has in the development and strengthening of the Serbian economy. Minister Nedimovic has also announced that a reference laboratory for testing milk quality will start functioning soon.

“I can freely say that the past 2016, was the year of Imlek. By investing 30 million dollars and launching over 40 new products, we have confirmed, and additionally strengthened, the status of the biggest producer in the dairy industry in the whole region. I am especially proud that we have, in the year of unprecedented quakes in the European raw milk market, and a record low in prices, that we have managed to help our most important partners, our farmers. We have helped them through higher purchasing prices than in Europe, as well as by buying machines and credits so they could overcome this period as painlessly as possible. With the “Moja Kravica- Rasti srecno” campaign, we started building children’s playgrounds across Serbia, and there are many other socially responsible activities which we carry out with the goal of ensuring a happier childhood for our youngest ones. And for the next year we have planned big investments, which primarily have the goal of improving the business for our company and the community we do business in”, said Ilija Setka, the General Manager at the Imlek company.

“Being absolutely aware of the importance that livestock, and dairy, as its important branch, have in this period of crisis for the sector on European soil, we invest maximum efforts to preserve every liter, as it is the source of existence for many farmers. In the next period we will support quality even more strongly, because it is the only thing that guarantees survival in the demanding market race. Because of that, we will soon open a reference laboratory for testing milk quality. With that we will not only have an exceptionally precise and objective assessment of the milk quality of our producers, but we will also enable them to, in accordance with their quality, to get the adequate incentives”, said Nedimovic.

Imlek, as the leading regional company in the dairy industry for more than 60 years, successfully builds and develops its business on the territory of Serbia as well as across the region. With constant investments in the modernization of production in all keep in step the factories which are part of the business system, it contributes to the top quality of Imlek’s products which gained the trust of its many consumers. Through many socially responsible projects, Imlek has actively joined in helping the community in which it conducts its business; Besides that, in the following period, the company will be focused on maintaining the existing production quality which is in accordance with all the European and international standards.


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