Prestigious award for Moja Kravica triangle yogurt


Belgrade, June 14th, 2018.  – The Imlek company has won this year’s prestigious Effie award for its Moja Kravica Triangle campaign, in the Beverage category (Non-alcoholic beverages) – Non-carbonated beverages.

The return of the Moja Kravica Triangle yogurt after a 20-year long absence has reminded all consumers about the good all days and awoken the most beautiful nostalgic memories, which resulted in impressive market success. This is backed by the absolute triumph of the Moja Kravica Triangle campaign, which won the award in a tight competition. The creators and implementers of this campaign who can take all the credit are Leo Burnett, Direct Media, and the Right agency.

Effie awards are given on the local, regional and global level to agencies and advertisers behind successful campaigns which achieved or surpassed their goals, and by doing so, solved the challenges their brands or companies faced.

"I would like to use the opportunity to express my gratitude, first and foremost to the consumers, which recognized our efforts to return the Moja Kravica Triangle yogurt to families and bring back the good old days. Also, I am really glad that the jury recognized the energy, creativity, and effort which we put into the Moja Kravica Yoghurt campaign, thanks to which Moja Kravica has once again proven that it is a symbol of quality that has something priceless going for it – the trust of the people”, said Jovan Bugačić, the Senior Marketing Manager at Imlek.

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