Participation of the Imlek team in the UNICEF Fair Play tournament


Belgrade, September 17, 2018 – The company Imlek supported the Fair Play basketball tournament organized by UNICEF to provide better conditions for the development of prematurely born babies. All funds raised were donated to the neonatology intensive care unit and the maternity ward at hospital GAK "Narodni Front".

As a socially responsible company that regularly reminds the public that it is necessary to take care of children and their future, as well as create equal opportunities for their development, Imlek has once again confirmed its socially responsible role by participating in this action. The team of Imlek employees participated in the traditional humanitarian tournament, in which a large number of basketball fans competed. This tournament is an overture to the upcoming World Cup and is dedicated to promoting the values ​​of sport and team spirit, as well as cooperation and togetherness in situations where help is provided to those who need it most.

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