Moja Kravica yogurt – always in the family circle


With the aim of emphasizing the importance of protecting the family and family values, Imlek has organized a manifestation titled “Moja Kravica dan porodice” – a family day. Many parents and children enjoyed a varied and creative program organized at Ada Ciganlija, honoring the most important institution in the lives of us all – the family.

All the visitors enjoyed the taste of the Moja Kravica yogurt, emphasizing that it has always been an integral part of any dining table. Sunday lunch at Ada was completed by numerous activities intended for children’s amusement. The kids had a chance to show their different talents in art, music and dance workshops, and to watch premiere screenings of animated movies.

Imlek organized “Moja Kravica dan porodice” with the desire to remind parents and children of family values and the importance of moments shared in family circle. This lovely event was an ideal occasion for all families to gather and enjoy a lunch in the nature, and to remind themselves why family is the most important thing in the world.

“A family is not just an important part of our life, but life itself. That’s why it is essential to cherish the feeling of togetherness and traditional values. Moja Kravica has been an integral part of any dining table and for decades it has been the first choice during the family gatherings, because everything becomes bigger and better when we share it in the family circle”, said Marija Malović, Public Relations Manager at Imlek.

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