Moja Kravica thick yogurt – traditional yogurt with a rich taste and creamy texture


Experience a new and delicious thickness with a first sip of Moja Kravica thick yogurt.

From now on, a traditional Serbian taste is even more thicker – a new Moja Kravica thick yogurt was introduced today at the event at Srpska kafana. A large number of journalists enjoyed the irresistible taste of the Moja Kravica thick yogurt, accompanied by traditional Serbian cuisine specialties and sounds of old urban folk music. Media representatives had a pleasurable time tasting different combinations of traditional homemade meals and Moja Kravica thick yogurt in a relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

A rich taste and a creamy texture of the Moja Kravica thick yogurt will make this product an essential part of every meal. The new Moja Kravica thick yogurt combined with your favorite food makes an ideal top class nutritious snack. It is produced according to a traditional homemade recipe, from milk of the highest quality.

“Being a mixture of a traditional flavor of the Moja Kravica yogurt and a homemade recipe that provides thickness, the new Moja Kravica thick yogurt will bring joy to all gourmands and hedonists. Thanks to its rich thickness you will take even more delight in your favorite dishes. After taking the first sip of the new Moja Kravica thick yogurt you won’t be able to resist its full taste and creamy texture, and we are certain that this yogurt will become an essential part of everyone’s meal” – said Marija Malović, PR Manager at Imlek.

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