Moja Kravica Milk for proper growth of first graders


A big donation from Imlek to mark the World School Milk Day. Imlek, with dairy gifts consisting of Moja kravica milk and chocolate milk, brought joy on this day to a large number of first graders from towns all over Serbia, such as Belgrade, Subotica, Kragujevac, Nis, Leskovac and others.

Representatives from the biggest domestic dairy wished a happy beginning of school to the pupils that have entered the school classes for the first time. The little ones have had the chance to enjoy the Moja Kravica milk and chocolate milk, which are rich in calcium, proteins and all the natural and nutritious ingredients which are necessary for the proper growth and development of children. Imlek has once again shown that it dedicates special attention to socially responsible activities, which can be seen most of all in the help it gives to the youngest ones, their proper development and helping them have a happy childhood.

“World School Milk Day has the goal of reminding us how important it is for school-aged children to consume milk. In accordance with that goal, we have once again, we can say traditionally, made the decision to bring joy to first graders in many towns and schools across the country by giving them dairy products which will ensure their proper growth and development and a successful start of the loveliest stage of their life”, said Marija Malovic, Regional Public Relations Manager at the Imlek Company.

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