Belgrade, November 20, 2017– To mark the World Children’s Day, Imlek brought joy to children from kindergartens in towns across Serbia, amongst which were Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Kruševac, Čačak i Niš.

Preschoolers had the opportunity to enjoy the Moja Kravica Junior, the first milk on the domestic market that has been specially created for kids and their proper growth and development. The Moja Kravica Junior milk is enriched with the Optivita complex- a complex of vitamins from the Vitamin B group and Vitamins A, D3 and E, which are best absorbed by the body if they are consumed with milk. Thanks to its ingredients, the Optivita complex encourages the growth of teeth, strengthens bones and the immune system, helps the development and functioning of the nervous system, and positively affects the eyesight and the health of bones and hair.

Imlek has once again shown that it is especially focuses on its socially responsible activities, which can be seen above all in the help it provides to the little ones, their proper development and happy childhood which is why this year, for World Children’s Day, it has decided to give joy to its youngest consumers.

“The Worlds Children’s Day is the ideal opportunity to remind ourselves who the most important members of every family are, as well as to bring the attention of the public to the obligations that society has towards children. This year, Imlek has presented the Moja Kravica Junior milk, the first milk on the domestic market specially formulated for children, which we made in consultation with numerous experts and has the support of pediatricians. In accordance with the socially responsible character that we nurture, we have decided to continue with the activities in which special attention is dedicated to the youngest ones and their carefree upbringing, and this time we bought joy to preschoolers from kindergartens across the country”, said Marija Malović, Regional Public Relations Manager at the Imlek Company.

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