Moja Kravica has chosen as a favorite dairy brand.


Moja Kravica is this year’s winner of the „My choice“award, in the milk and dairy products category. The “My Choice” recognition is unique because it is the only one based on the consumer votes in Serbia. Moja Kravica has been a part of every household for a decade, a healthy choice for the whole family, it was and continues to be a favorite family brand that has consumer trust due to its long tradition.


"We are pleased that consumers have recognized our efforts and gave this significant recognition to the Moja Kravica brand. We will strive to keep the Moja Kravica brand as a symbol of health, nature, and tradition, which is why we gained consumer trust in the first place. Imlek company has proven once again that is a symbol of quality without compromise for the last six decades”, said Marija Malović, the regional manager for public relations in Imlek.

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