Moja Kravica for growing up happily


Imlek has donated a children’s playground to Krusevac. In the presence of a large number of citizens and representatives of the media, today there was a ceremony in Krusevac, opening the second Moja Kravica playground which is part of the Imlek Company’s socially responsible campaign “Moja Kravica Rasti srecno”. The new playground on the popular recreational site Bagdala represents a real oasis for a happy childhood for numerous little ones who will be able to spend unforgettable moments there.

“By opening the second Moja Krarvica children’s playground, in Krusevac, we continue with our big socially responsible action “Moja Kravica – Rasti srecno“. We are exceptionally pleased that in this way we can ensure that children across Serbia have a happy growing up. We will continue this action by building many playgrounds for children in other towns during 2017. Moja Kravica has for decades been the favorite milk of our consumers and we are proud that with this action we contribute to the carefree growing up of the youngest ones”, stated Slobodan Sreckovic, Marketing Director of the Imlek group.

“We thank the Imlek Company on this gift which will make our children happy and make this space in Badgala even nicer and fill it with children’s laughter and play. The City of Krusevac does everything for our children to have excellent conditions, when it comes to their education and also for playing and fun, because children are our biggest treasure. I am glad that the Imlek Company takes care of the children and that together we help the children to live out the loveliest part of their life through playing, with a healthy and happy childhood”, said Dragi Nestorovic, mayor of Krusevac.

The Imlek Company collects more than 700.000 liters of the top-quality milk twice a day from more than 4.000 carefully selected family farms in Serbia. Generations of successful people have been brought up on Moja Kravica milk and developed healthy, thus learning how to make good decisions and their lives happy. It is rich in taste and preserves all the natural and nutritious ingredients ideal for a healthy diet of the whole family. The latest food-processing technology ensures the top quality by which the consumers recognize Moja Kravica as their favorite brand in Serbia.

Moja Kravica is the right choice for everyone, especially the youngest ones because it ensures healthy growth and development, and most importantly – growing up happily.

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