Moja Kravica donation to the underprivileged


The Imlek company, the regional dairy industry leader, has donated six tons of Moja Kravica sour cream to homes for children without parental care and a large number of institutions for children. Moja Kravica sour cream with 20% of milk fat is an exceptionally nutritious product, made of first-class homemade milk. The donation was realized in cooperation with the Red Cross of Belgrade.

Imlek brought joy to underprivileged children, those without parental care, and to children with developmental disabilities. Some of the institutions that received the six ton donation of the Moja Kravica with 20 percent of milk fat were: the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Zvečanska street, the Day-care Centre for Street Children in Krfska street, “Anton Skala” Centre for Children with Developmental Disabilities, the Vocational High School for Children with Developmental Disabilities in Rakovica, the Elementary and Secondary school for Children with Developmental Disabilities “Sveti Sava” in Umka, Half-way Centre for Children in Bulevar Oslobodjenja, Centre For Children And Youth with Developmental  Disabilities in Sremčica, Centre for Day-care and Housing for Children and Youth with Disabilities.

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