Matching the best flavors – BigPizza and Moja Kravica


Belgrade, November 10, 2015 – The most popular domestic yogurt Moja Kravica is indispensable when it comes to combining different food flavors. This was confirmed by BigPizza which included this yogurt in their menu as it perfectly accompanies any pizza.

A breakfast organized by Imlek and BigPizza brought a great pleasure to numerous media representatives because a new pizza with scrambled eggs and yogurt are definitely an excellent match that makes your mornings perfect. A famous TV host and a food enthusiast who enjoys trying out different food combinations, Ognjen Amidžić, took part in a performance of the best pizza chef. It was a nice opportunity for this gourmand to take a crack at making pizza, which was later paired with the Moja Kravica yogurt and tasted by journalists with great delight.

“We drink Moja Kravica every day, at any time, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The yogurt that reminds us of our childhood continues to be an essential part of our enjoyment in the flavors that we all agree about. Therefore, join us!”, was the message from Imlek.

According to the BigPizza representative, this is only the beginning of a successful cooperation of the two companies that together want to offer “more” to consumers in Serbia.

“BigPizza is one of the fastest growing QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) chains in Serbia, and apart from ensuring high quality and variety, we also want to make sure that fans of our products enjoy every bite. That’s why we carefully select our partners with whom we create unique specialties, such as the BigPizza Breakfast.“ – said Sonja Delibasic, Marketing Director at BigPizza.

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