Imlek’s highest quality cheeses presented


At the third Balkan Cheese festival Imlek delighted cheese lovers.

The Imlek Company, regional dairy industry leader, participated in the third exhibition of indigenous cheeses “Balkan Cheese Festival”. A large range of the company’s cheeses was displayed for the visitors, from the well-known Grekos to the new ones such as Gravijera, Pecorino, Monastir and others.

At this festival, organized with the purpose of showing the importance of preserving traditional food products, Imlek exhibited both cheeses that have been on the market for many years and the new ones coming from a Macedonian dairy. A popular food blogger Katy The Cook, was in charge of making delicious cheese specialties, proving to the visitors that Imlek products are an indispensable part of any meal. Festival visitors had an opportunity to enjoy in the taste of Grekos cheese, semi-hard Imlek’s cheeses – Gauda, Edamac, Iriski, Trapist, Pivnički and hard cow and sheep cheeses – Pecorino, Kajmakčalan, Gravijera and Monastir.

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