Imlek’s donation to farmers for efficient feed storage and achieving highest quality of raw milk


Belgrade, September 15, 2015 – The Imlek Company last year provided the first agricultural silage packaging machine to its suppliers with the purpose of achieving the highest quality of raw milk, and this month two more were purchased. All three machines were put at the disposal of the farmers associations “Associated Farmers” and “The Central Association of Dairy Producers of Vojvodina so that they would be available to a large number of milk producers that have successfully been cooperating with Imlek for many years.

Donated machines provide more efficient protection and storage of different types of feed and forage in bags. This kind of feed storage ensures a minimal loss of nutrients and vitamins which has a positive effect on the health of cows and their offspring and on the milk they produce. The new technology advantages are numerous – a high efficiency and flexibility in regard to the type of packaged feed and location where feed packaged this way is stored, to name but a few. Bags used for feed packaging are waterproof and have UV stabilizers that enable exceptionally safe feed storage.

“The Imlek Company strives to keep up with the world trends and continually improves production process and collaboration with its cooperators. This investment is just one of many activities that our company organizes in order to help our most valuable partners, our suppliers, with the aim of ensuring the highest quality milk for our loyal consumers.”  – said Marija Malović, Public Relations Manager at the Imlek company.

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