Imlek – World Environment Day


Belgrade, June 5, 2020 – On the occasion of the World Environment Day, the employees of the company Imlek organized a volunteer action of planting aromatic plants, which is a necessary resource for the life of one of the most endangered species of insects – bees. It is known that lavender attracts bees and that bees encourage biodiversity, so the employees of the company planted over 150 seedlings of this plant. Imlek's factory in Padinska Skela has become richer for a mini garden, whose main purpose is to improve and preserve the environment. In accordance with the socially responsible role, which the company nurtures, Imlek's employees wanted to contribute with this move, both to beautify the environment in which they work and to protect the entire ecosystem.


"We are proud that a large number of employees in our company responded to the action of arranging the factory circle and planting plants that are important for encouraging biodiversity." Planting flowers and plants, and covering the areas with plants needed by bees is necessary because 84% of plants grown for human use must be pollinated by bees in order to provide them with life and increase their yield and quality. At Imlek, we pay great attention to both social and environmental issues, as an important segment of social responsibility, which further draws the public's attention to the importance and need to preserve a healthy environment"said Marija Malovic, regional manager of communications and corporate affairs at Imlek.

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