Imlek Company organized a memorable wellness weekend for media representatives on Kopaonik


The Imlek Company organized a memorable wellness weekend for media representatives in Kopaonik, promoting new protein products of the well-known Balans Plus Brand. The media representatives had an opportunity to enjoy many adrenaline activities that Kopaonik offers. The necessary energy was provided by the Balans Plus protein products such as yogurt, choco-shake and sour milk, the products higher in protein than other dairy products.

Proteins are the basic building blocks of all body cells, especially muscles. Their role is to renew and build muscles, at the same time serving as the energy source during strenuous activities, which is why they are of the utmost importance for amateur and professional athletes. During the wellness weekend the media representatives had an opportunity to learn about these and other benefits of proteins at the lectures held in the new congress center of the “Grand” hotel. Moreover, the attendees showed their daring and adventurous spirit taking part in the adrenaline activities offered in Kopaonik, such as a scenic chairlift ride, zip-line, bobsled on the rails and mountain cart.

“With the new Balans Plus Protein products, every professional and amateur athlete or anyone who spends a lot of energy during their busy daily schedule, will be able to get their increased daily protein dose which will provide them with the necessary energy and muscle tissues regeneration, which are needed after different sport activities. In the Balans Plus Protein selection, there is yogurt, choco shake and sour milk, and because of the great interest that there is in the portfolio of the protein enriched products, it will be broadened”, highlighted Jovan Bugarčić, Category Manager for Fermented Dairy at Imlek.

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