Imlek coffee to go – a strong dose of caffeine for any travel


Belgrade, May 23rd, 2018.  – All the passengers who made a stop at MOL gas stations today to take a breather or get some gas got a chance to enjoy the new Imlek Flert Strong coffee. We wanted to relay that a seemingly long and arduous ride can be pleasurable as long as you have the support of this refreshing beverage, which is made from top quality milk and real coffee. Beautiful girls surprised all the visitors with the Flert Strong coffee, which has all the necessary ingredients to refresh and replenish you for a pleasant rest of the trip.

The usually long summer vacation drives will become much more pleasant with the new Flert Strong coffee, which has a strong dose of caffeine which will wake up even the sleepiest drivers. This milk beverage is an ideal refreshment for everyone on the go so that you take each next step delightfully. So don’t let your energy go down this summer and make the Flert Strong coffee your adventure companion from now on.

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