Imlek and Almex system organized a visit to Stari Tamiš farm for children without parental care


Imlek organized a whole day trip to Stari Tamiš farm for children from the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Zvečanska. In cooperation with the Almex system that owns Stari Tamiš, the biggest agricultural holding, Imlek hosted and entertained the kids, making this trip a memorable experience for them, the one they will remember their whole lives.

A large number of children from the Centre in Zvečanska had a wonderful experience of visiting the Stari Tamiš farm. The trip was organized with the purpose of giving children a chance to see how Moja Kravica milk is produced and to make happy memories of making new animal friends. On this farm, ideal for becoming familiar with nature, animals and agricultural production, the little ones had an opportunity to see cow farms with troughs, horse stables, a horse-drawn carriages museum, lakes with fowl, sheep farms, baby animals’ farms and a mini zoo. A team of experts from the Stari Tamiš farm took children on a tour of all the farm facilities and guided them through a milk production process. Besides that, the kids had a fun time with animators who prepared many creative workshops designed especially for them.

The Moja Kravica milk is produced from raw milk of the highest quality, collected twice a day by Imlek from over 4 000 carefully selected family farms in Serbia. Imlek is the only regional producer that has a completely closed cold chain, form the milk collection point to reception ramp, in order to avoid any risk of contamination. Additionally, the latest milk processing technology ensures the top quality which consumers know and recognize, and makes Moja Kravica their favorite brand in Serbia.

The Stari Tamis estate spreads over the area of 1100ha and it is the largest agricultural holding of the Almex system. The estate was founded as an agricultural estate in the mid-twentieth century and Almex became the owner in 2009. Since last year, a tourist complex has been opened to provide visitors with information on farm life. The Stari Tamis includes a cattle farm with around 2.500 cows of Holstein- Friesian and Simmental breed, as well as a “Nadel” pig farm with around 1800 pigs and 1.300 sows of the Yorkshire, Landrace, Pietrain and Duroc breed. There is also a stud farm on the Stari Tamis estate which was built in 1978 and fully reconstructed in 2012. The Tamis stud farm currently has 27 Lipizzaner horses, originating from Lipica, Đakovo and Karađorđevo.

“Imlek nurtures friendly relationships with all its cooperators which has led to many successful accomplishments. This is also the case with the Stari Tamiš farm which is the largest agricultural holding of Almex system. Moja Kravica milk comes from household farms that have been successfully preserving tradition and making possible for us to enjoy the genuine natural taste of milk.  It has been a great pleasure to bring joy to the little ones with this trip to the Stari Tamis farm, a place where they had a wonderful time participating in all sorts of fun activities.”, said Marija Malović, Public Relations manager at Imlek.

“The Stari Tamiš farm and Tamiški Konaci are tourist destinations growing in popularity in Serbia. For the second year we have had the opportunity to host children and delegations from different parts of the country and from abroad. In cooperation with Imlek, we have organized farm activities for children without parental care and it is my great pleasure to have made it possible for them to have fun at our farm complex. We are trying to make such humanitarian actions a tradition, because it is our goal to make all children feel nice and have an enjoyable time here”, said the Almex company owner, Srđan Aleksa.

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