Balans+ exercise park in Košutnjak


The rhythm of modern life has in many ways changed the habits of a lot of us, so because of a lack of free time, doing exercise or going to the gym has become a real luxury. In accordance with the values that the brand Balans+ upholds, the Imlek Company has reconstructed exercise machines along the trim track in Košutnjak.

From today, Belgraders will have the chance to do exercise in Košutnjak, which has become a favorite gathering place for amateur athletes and all those who want to swap the city’s hustle and bustle for nature’s peace and to find their balance. Following the recommendation from the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sport Medicine, the exercise park in Košutnjak has been rebuilt and now all the people in Belrade can visit it and enjoy the reconstructed exercise area next to the famous trim track. 

“The Balans+ beverage is the ideal foodstuff for all the people that lead a healthy lifestyle. Besides having a healthy diet, physical activity is very important which is why the company has made an effort to rebuild the most famous gathering spot of all amateur athletes in Belgrade. To have a good quality of life, the most important thing is to find a balance, and we will continue fighting for the right values and healthy habits of our loyal consumers”, said Jovan Bugarčić, Category Manager for Fermented Dairy at Imlek.

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