Balans+ exercise park in Ada Ciganlija is open


In accordance with the values that the brand Balans+ sustains, Imlek has fully reconstructed the exercise machines along the trim track in Ada Ciganlija. Starting today, all fans of physical activities will once again have the opportunity to exercise on one of the favorites gathering spots for amateur athletes and for all those who want to swap the city hustle and bustle for nature’s peace and find a balance in life.

Regardless of the amount of work, stress and the lack of free time, every problem can be digested more easily with Balans+. A diet consisting of proper meals which are varied and balanced, together with physical activity, is very important for the proper functioning of the body, which is why the Balans+ brand has decided to bring joy to Belgraders for whom exercise represents an important part of their daily lives. Just as a reminder, besides the well-known Balans + products, Imlek has enriched the offer of its brand Balans+ with Protein products which have an increased content of 100% natural milk protein. They make a significant contribution towards the normal functioning of the muscles, their regeneration and building, which is very important for professional and amateur athletes.

“Balans+ yogurt represents an ideal choice for all the people that maintain a healthy lifestyle. Apart from having a healthy diet, physical activity is also very important which is why Imlek has made an effort to rebuild the favorite gathering spot of the numerous amateur athletes in Belgrade. In order to have a good quality of life, it is necessary to find a balance, and in the future we will continue fighting for the right values and habits of our consumers“, said Marija Malovic, Regional Public Relations Manager at the Imlek Company.

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