A Delegation from the Embassy of Sweden and the heads of the Tetra Pak Company visit Imlek


His Excellency Mr. Jan Lundin, Ambassador of Sweden to Belgrade, visited Imlek’s biggest factory, situated in Padinska Skela, to mark the many decades of successful cooperation between the regional dairy industry leader and the famous Swedish company- Tetra Pak. The collaboration between Imlek and the internationally renowned carton packaging producer, has been lasting for more than five decades, and this year, after twenty years, the “Moja Kravica Trougao” has been launched again, as the result of two years of work of Imlek’s and Tetra Pak’s engineers.

The Delegation from the Embassy of Sweden was shown, apart from the production area in which the Tetra Pack production lines have an important place, many other important projects of the two industrial giants. Projects that are related to environmental protection, taking care of the local community as well as their joint plans for the future.

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