Natural and easy way to gain immunity with new Balans + products!


If you are in doubt about how to help the body this winter and improve the immunity, we have great news for you! Balance + portfolio is richer for a completely new concept on the market. These are Balans + imuno products that in a simple and practical way have a positive effect on strengthening your immune system.

The new portfolio includes Balance + Imuno yogurt of 1kg and 330g, as well as Balance + Imuno fruit yogurt with strawberry and acerola flavors – tropical cherries, which are the fruits with the most vitamin C.

To help yourself and your loved ones and defend their immunity, it is extremely important that these products are part of your daily balanced diet in the winter. You can consume yogurt in the morning with breakfast and dinner, while fruit yogurt is an ideal sweet refreshment and snack at any time of the day. Whichever product you choose, it is crucial that there is continuity in consumption, in order to achieve the best possible effect.

The new Balans + imuno products contain a natural and unique formula, which differs from all existing yogurts and other dairy products:

· HN019 and NCFM – natural cultures that have a large number of clinical studies, which prove a positive effect on strengthening the immune system

· Complex of 3 vitamins (D3, B6, and B12) which are extremely important for maintaining proper function and strengthening immunity

· Natural fiber inulin

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