33. Balans+ meal – For a great start!


It is important for breakfast to be high quality and nutritious so that we have enough energy throughout the day. After each meal, it is crucial that we feel light and energetic, so Balance + products are an ideal choice, which will provide you with body balance and the desired feeling of lightness.

After a while, Balance + Meal returns to the market – it is famous for its unique combination of cereals, fruits, and yogurt. From now on, Balance + meal will be offered in new cardboard packaging and 330g packaging, which is the right measure for every balanced meal.

Balance + meal is an ideal option in situations when you do not have time to prepare breakfast, before work or before training, because it is ideal for consumption on the go. In addition to two recognizable flavors – Balance + meal of prunes and bran and Balance + meal of bananas, kiwis, strawberries, and three types of cereals, the offer will include NEW TASTE from October – Balance + meal of hazelnuts and four types of cereals. 

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