The Imlek company continuously strives to include many socially responsible projects in its business. Some of these activities are based on the preservation of the environment, so the advantage of cardboard packaging is recognized, which Imlek is increasingly introducing into its product portfolio.

One of the key brands – Balance + has been introducing this type of packaging into its portfolio since October, which is made of completely natural materials from renewable sources. In addition to being easier to decompose and 100% recyclable, this type of packaging provides multiple benefits while preserving the freshness and quality of the product.

In addition to maintaining the balance of the environment, the consumption of Balance + products also achieves the balance of the organism, thanks to the richness of probiotic cultures and fiber. It is recommended to regularly consume Balance + products for at least 10 days, to achieve digestive balance. The optimal daily amount is 500g, recommended with breakfast and dinner.

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