Belgrade, December 19, 2019. – New Year's holidays are a favorite part of the year for every child. That’s why the Imlek company, in anticipation of the holidays, traditionally delighted the residents of the Children's Shelter with milk packets and supported the New Year's cultural program Garden Fest. In addition to the favorite Moja Kravica dairy products, the kids also enjoyed the festive atmosphere and theatrical play for children produced by "Uncle Mica's Theater".

As a company that strives to bring joy and happiness into the lives of the youngest, Imlek has decided to traditionally mark the New Year holidays by donating their favorite milk packets. Happy and healthy growing up is the most important part of every person's life, which is why the company Imlek pays special attention to socially responsible projects that are reflected in helping the youngest.

"We always spend the New Year's holidays as a sign of love, happiness and celebration, which is why we decided to make the children from the Shelter happy this year as well, they always need help and attention. It is important for us that the little ones are aware that someone is thinking about them during the holidays. Our goal is to carry out such activities as often as possible and thus motivate other companies to assist those who need it the most", said Marija Malović, regional public relations manager at Imlek.

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