The “TROUGAO“ is back!


In the presence of numerous friends, partners and celebrities, Imlek has presented its well-known Moja kravica “trougao” yogurt which is back after more than 20 years. Those that were present at the retro themed party, had the opportunity to remember the good old times which this yogurt symbolizes.

This famous yogurt, with its character formed by its shape and its unique taste, became a symbol of an era which people remember as the good old days. That is the main reason why for years afterwards, stories about the triangular yogurt were passed on. What we used to love a long time ago, is among us once again, because every generation deserves to try Moja Kravica yogurt from a packaging that inspires, entertains and guards not just the well-known taste, but also the spirit of a happy period.

“Through a continuous communication with the consumers, we established that this is the product that they missed the most, which is why we decided to start the project of once again launching the triangular yogurt. A year has passed since I was told it would be impossible and that there isn’t a machine in the world that makes triangular yogurt. However, it is possible, because engineers from Imlek and Tetra Pak found a way for the original packaging of the Moja Kravica yogurt, in everyone’s favorite triangular shape, to once again be in stores across Serbia. For those who remember it, Moja Kravica “trougao” will awaken the loveliest of feelings and remind them of the old times”, said Ilija Setka, the General Manager at Imlek.

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