The Imlek company has marked the World Milk Day


The Moja Kravica caravan called “Put Mleka” which will tour towns in Serbia, has started its journey at the Trg Nikole Pasica. On June 1, the World Milk Day was celebrated with numerous activities with educational aspects and milk and dairy donations.

The manifestation was enjoyed the most by the youngest ones, for whom a special installation of a farm was made on the town square, with educational and fun programs and games like milking cows, memory games, hay labyrinths, cardboard cutouts for photo taking. The goal was for children to get acquainted with the life on a farm and the process of obtaining milk. In that way, the children could learn how My Kravica travels from the farm to their homes. All the little ones that participated got diplomas for successfully learning about the milk journey, and presents which will make this adventure, together with the memories, last forever.

“Through a tradition lasting for many decades, Moja Kravica milk helps generations grow and become healthy and proper persons. That is why we, from the Imlek company, have organized this manifestation to entertain but also educate the little ones, because their smile and healthy future should be a goal for all of us. Moja Kravica milk which preserves all nutritious ingredients, is ideal for a healthy diet and growth of every child” said Marija Malović, Public Relations Manager at the Imlek Company.

The “Put mleka“ caravan will continue to tour towns across Serbia, and after Belgrade  it will travel to Novi Sad (04.06), then Šabac (05.06), Čačak (11.06), Kraljevo (12.06), Kragujevac (18.06), Kruševac (19.06) and Niš (25.06).

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