The Imlek company donated a children’s playground to Belgrade


Belgrade, September 11, 2018 – As part of the large socially responsible action of the Imlek company, "Moja Kravica – Grow Happily", the most modern children's playground was built in Belgrade, in cooperation with the city of Belgrade and JP Ada Ciganlija. From now on, the youngest residents of the capital have the opportunity to enjoy the Moja Kravica playground at the favorite picnic spot of many Belgraders, Ada Ciganlija.


With the support of local self-governments, within this great socially responsible action, Imlek has so far made happy a large number of children in Nis, Krusevac, Novi Sad, and Banja Luka. By building a playground, respecting the highest safety standards, Imlek wants to provide the youngest residents of Belgrade with the best possible play environment, which is equipped with numerous elements, to meet the different needs of children of all ages, who will spend unforgettable moments there during growing up.


"We are very pleased that in Belgrade we are continuing with the socially responsible action" Grow happily ". We decided for one of Belgrade's favorite picnic spots, Ada Ciganlija, which is visited by a large number of children every day. Bearing in mind that Moja Kravica products are among the children's favorites, we are glad that this action will further enhance the growth of our youngest. We want all children to grow up healthy and happy, which is why we plan to continue with such activities in the future", said Jovan Bugarčić from the company Imlek.


"On behalf of the Secretariat for Social Protection of the City of Belgrade, I would like to thank the Imlek company for taking care of our children and their upbringing for many years, because they represent our greatest treasure and future. The Secretariat does everything to provide its youngest residents with the best possible conditions, both for schooling and for games and entertainment. That is why I am happy that with joint efforts, together with the Imlek company, we are helping children to live the most beautiful time of their lives – childhood", said Natasa Stanisavljevic, the city secretary for social protection.


"On behalf of the city of Belgrade, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Imlek company for its socially responsible business and the realization of another project, which we are implementing together. I firmly believe that in the future we will realize a large number of such projects, to the joy of the youngest citizens of Belgrade. The City determines to create a more humane and beautiful Belgrade, which will have the most beautiful corner in every municipality and in every settlement, which will consist of a large number of free content for all generations, from the youngest to the oldest. Thanks to this policy of the City, more than 200 playgrounds and parks have been opened, and the realization of such projects will be our commitment in the future", said Nikola Nikodijevic, President of the City Assembly of Belgrade.

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