The first milk for children on the Serbian market has been presented


To present a new milk on the market, the Moja Kravica Junior milk, a unique milk thanks to its Optivita complex which is beneficial to the proper growth and development of children, Imlek has organized a press conference in which a large number of media representatives got to know the new product.

The Moja Kravica Junior milk is enriched with the Optivita complex- a complex of vitamins from the Vitamin B group and Vitamins A, D3 and E, which are best absorbed by the body if they are consumed with milk. Thanks to its ingredients, the Optivita complex encourages the growth of teeth, strengthens bones and the immune system, helps the development and functioning of the nervous system and positively affects the eyesight and the health of bones and hair. The Moja Kravica Junior milk is mainly intended for the little ones, but also for all those who want to strengthen their immune system and provide it with vitamins and other ingredients that contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

“Just one cup of milk fulfils 30% of the daily needs of calcium, which is essential in the forming of the bones in teenagers and children. The Moja Kravica Junior milk is enriched with the Optivita vitamin complex, which, combined with the calcium from the milk, has a full effect on the organism and ensures the proper development of children. Milk is a necessary part of children’s diets, for strengthening their bodies and supplying them with the essential ingredients”, highlighted Dr Mirjana Mićović, pediatrician.

“Thanks to the thorough research we regularly conduct, following international trends and listening to our consumers, we have decided to offer parents a special milk, enriched with ingredients that ensure the proper growth and development of children. We are proud of this product and we believe it will become a favorite, with the children, as well as among all those that want to strengthen their immune system and have a healthy diet”, said Slobodan Srećković, Regional Marketing Director at Imlek.



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