Belgrade, May 9th, 2018. – Imlek has brought some joy by giving packages of Moja Kravica chocolate milk, an ideal beverage after a workout, to young athletes who nurture healthy habits. Young athletes from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, and Niš had a chance to try the new Moja Kravica chocolate milk with strawberry flavor and enjoy its refreshing taste.


Moja Kravica chocolate milk has been a favorite sweet beverage for many generations over years, which is why the young athletes of different age groups were thrilled to enjoy the well – known chocolate taste, combined with the top quality milk that meets 40 % od daily calcium requirements. Chocolate milk is a perfect beverage to consume after a workout, due to the protein and carbs it contains, which aid in a faster and more successful body recovery from the workout, keeping it in excellent condition until the next training.


“Following the socially responsible identity that Imlek nurtures as a company, we have decided to continue with activities that pay special attention to the young ones and their healthy development. Due to this, we have decided to support young people across Serbia, who have devoted their free time to sporting activities and healthy life habits. Moja Kravica chocolate milk is ideal for children and adults who workout, due to its compositions which helps muscles recover faster and restores energy. From now on, the fan-favorite chocolate milk is available with strawberry flavor too”, said Marija Malović, regional PR manager at Imlek.

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