Moja Kravica chocolate cream – the first chocolate cream with milk


Belgrade, February 28th, 2019. – With all our friends, business partners, and a lot of public figures The Imlek company introduced the biggest innovation on the dairy product market of the whole region – Moja Kravica choco cream. All of our guests had the opportunity to try out the unique mix of milk and chocolate for the first time. They all agreed that this product will become a part of their everyday lives.

The key ingredient of Moja Kravica choco cream is milk and that’s why this product in the significant provider of our calcium intake. That makes it an important part of the diet of our youngest ones, but also all the other generations, that won’t be able to resist its beautiful taste. Moja Kravica choco cream is rich with milk, that contains essential fatty acids necessary for the normal development of the human body. That’s makes it different from all the other choco creams in the market, which usually have palm oil as their main ingredient. In more developed markets the percentage of products that are made in industrial processes of ingredients such as plant-based fats and oils are getting lower. It’s because as the result of those processes we get unnatural compounds that our bodies are not used to and can’t work around them.

“By regularly communicating with our customers we saw that now is the ideal moment to be brave and launch a new product that is the biggest innovation in the regional dairy products market. We decided to make the mix of top quality milk and finest Belgian chocolate and by doing so we made unique cream of irresistible tastes that keeps all the good sides of the milk in it. We are very proud of Moja Kravica choco cream because it’s the first all-natural chocolate crème in the market, its rich in milk fats and calcium, and contains two times less milk when compared with other creams.” Said Marija Malović, regional PR manager in Imlek company.


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