Imlek traditionally marked World Milk Day


Belgrade, May 30th, 2019. – World milk day is marked every year on the 1st of June. Imlek company joined the celebration by donating dairy gifts to kids in "Svratište za decu Beograda" and different child supporting institutions all over Serbia.

Imlek company traditionally marks World Milk Day by donating our products to child supporting institutions on a national level. This year along with shelter for kids in Belgrade, Moja Kravica gifts brought joy to kids in Children Village Sremska Kamenica and Home for children and youth Duško Radović in Niš. Moja Kravica milk, Moja Kravica chocolate milk, and Moja Kravica milk with strawberry taste put smiles on little one's faces. This was the way for Imlek to fulfill its basic goal of being a socially responsible company. Our campaigns are based on helping the youngest members of our society, with a constant focus on their happy childhood and good development.

We are happy that this year we are continuing a nice tradition of celebrating World Milk Day by spending it with kids from the most vulnerable part of our society all across Serbia. By donating dairy products we help their happy and healthy growth. It’s because regular intake of milk has great benefits on the development of bones, teeth, and also cognitive functions such as learning and memorizing. Moja Kravica is a symbol of carefree childhood for many generations and following that, we will put our effort in bringing happiness to the childhood of many generations to come.“ Said that day Marija Malović, regional PR manager of the Imlek company.


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