Imlek invested half a million euros in farmers technical support


In order to further improve business activity of its cooperators, Imlek has invested half a million euros in the new equipment for storage and preservation of raw milk high quality. The valuable purchase includes lactofreezers of different capacities, ranging from the large ones used in big farms with the capacity of 10 000 liters, then the ones of medium capacities – 6.000, 4.000, 3.000 and 1.000 liters, to the smallest ones with the capacity of 200 liters, which satisfy needs of small-scale milk producers. New cooling equipment will enable more efficient preservation of raw milk quality. This will significantly facilitate and improve the production process of Imlek’s dairy products which are distinctively known for their high quality.

“Imlek conducts its business in accordance with European standards and their strict criteria require the use of the most up-to-date lactofreezers in the production of high quality and bacteriologically safe milk. By establishing and maintaining good relationships with farmers, providing education, financial loans and support with installation of dairy equipment, as well as making significant and continual investments into its dairy production process, Imlek solidifies its reputation as a regional leader in  the dairy industry”, said Darko Samardžija, Production Process Director at Imlek.

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