Imlek continues its socially responsible campaign throughout Serbia


Belgrade, April 16th, 2019. – In accordance with beliefs that the Imlek company holds and which are promoted through Balans+ brand, we continue our campaign of installing self-service bicycle stations. This year along with the ones in Ada Ciganlija got two more service stations on the bicycle route on Danube quay.

We have good news for all those who couldn’t wait for Spring to start enjoying outdoor activities such as riding the bike. From now on they will have two more stations in the city where they will have the opportunity to check their bikes, blow the tires and fix little breaks. Stations will be placed in bike routes on Danube quay and in Sports Center Milan Gale Muškatirović.

“Last year Belgrade got its first self-service bike stations on Ada Ciganlija, so we decided to expand our socially responsible campaign. This April we came with the decision to post two more stations on the bike route on Danube quay. We believe that by doing so we give one extra push to all those who are fiscally active to keep leading a healthy life. We are aware that the fast way of living and a lot of stress has negative effects on health and life quality and disrupt the balance that is important for keeping track of a good diet and good life, and that’s why Balans+ yogurt is the perfect choice. As before, we will try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with our customers and promote the right values as the only ones.” Said Marija Malović, regional PR manager of the Imlek company.


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