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Belgrade, February 19, 2020 – The company Imlek organized a gastronomic gathering with media representatives to present the new Moja Kravica full-fat yogurt. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy local specialties and new full-fat yogurt with the highest percentage of milk fat, of as much as 4 percent, and the richest taste so far.

After the first sip, real gourmets will become the biggest fans of Moja Kravica full-fat yogurt, which goes well with various delicacies, which was confirmed by media representatives who enthusiastically commented on its full taste and unique structure.

"My Kravica yogurt is an indispensable part of the family table, and we believe that the new full-fat yogurt will offer our consumers a unique experience and pleasure. This unique yogurt with as much as 4 percent of milk fat is an ideal drink that goes well with all dishes. We are proud that the portfolio of the Moja Kravica brand has become richer for another member whom we believe will find his way to the hearts of consumers", said Marija Malović, Imlek's regional public relations manager.

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